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  • After a few months, your organization will evaluate its satisfaction with the work provided and decide whether to extend its contract and continue working with Projects Pivot or to hire the project professional internally Reina Patton

  • Over the next couple months, your Projects Pivot team will regularly assess and report on project progress, maintaining clear and consistent communication with the appropriate stakeholders Reina Patton

  • During the first meeting with your new Projects Pivot team, you’ll align on your company’s needs, create a summary of work required, and outline next steps Reina Patton

  • Once project management readiness is established, you’ll be matched with a project professional who has relevant industry experience and is being mentored by a senior project manager Reina Patton

  • We’ll reach out to set up a meeting for you to speak with one of our certified Project Management Professionals (PMPs)® to determine whether your organization is ready for project management support Reina Patton

  • Fill out our Contact form Reina Patton